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SCS Solutions, founded in 2019, is a global software development company with a team of over 100 IT experts. Leveraging 20+ years in software development and 30+ years in Supply Chain and Logistics, we offer tailored, innovative solutions for diverse business needs worldwide.
About us
SCS Solutions, founded in 2019, is a global software development company with a team of over 100 IT experts. Leveraging 20+ years in software development and 30+ years in Supply Chain and Logistics, we offer tailored, innovative solutions for diverse business needs worldwide.


React, React Redux, React Admin, React-Draggable, Immutable, Reselect, Redux, Redux-Thunk, Redux-Saga, Redux-Persist, Redux-Intl, Redux-Form, Formik, RxJS, Nx, React-i18n, React-Native, React-Navigation, React-Router-DOM, Three.JS, Styled-Components, NextJS

Looking for specialists to develop web applications using React.js?

Discuss your business idea with us and we will bring it to life using the best React practices.


At SCS Solutions, our array of solutions caters to diverse business sectors, including entertainment, healthcare, banking, and fintech. Presently, our team prides itself on a cadre of expert React.js developers committed to crafting bespoke solutions that adhere to the highest industry benchmarks. Here's an overview of our offerings:

Ground-up React.js development

Leveraging React.js—a premier library for building high-performance, scalable interfaces—our seasoned specialists harness its full potential, honed through years of expertise.

Tailored React.js solutions

Beyond its feature-rich nature, React.js empowers us to create entirely unique, customized products tailored to our clients' specific requirements.

Seamless migration to React.js

Seamlessly transition your solutions to a React.js-based environment with our experts, who ensure smooth implementation of essential upgrades.

Dedicated teams of React.js developers

Seeking dedicated professionals for your project? Our pool of experienced front-end developers specializing in React.js allows you to curate your team according to your preferences.

React.js Native app development

Utilizing React.js Native, a cutting-edge framework for comprehensive mobile development, we engineer cross-platform mobile apps that rival native alternatives in speed and performance.

Consultation and support for React.js

Unsure about the ideal tech stack for your upcoming project? Our adept consultants guide you through selecting the best-fit technology, including React.js solutions, to align with your project goals


Our experts excel in a wide spectrum of React.js software development, spanning both conventional and advanced domains like blockchain, micro frontends, and more. Our seasoned team specializes in various facets of software development, including:

Web3 Development (Blockchain)

Harnessing React.js in Web3 web development creates adaptable server architectures fueled by blockchain or peer-to-peer networks, ensuring unparalleled connectivity with robust data privacy and control.

Microfrontends using React.js

Our proficiency extends to crafting microservices based on React.js. These microfrontends enable the independent development, deployment, and maintenance of distinct services, facilitating modular architectures for enhanced efficiency.

SPA (Single Page Application) Development

Single Page Applications streamline web development by encapsulating multiple web pages within a single HTML wrapper. This approach significantly enhances user experience and guarantees swift loading of web content.

PWA (Progressive Web Application) Development

Implementing Progressive Web Applications transforms websites into app-like experiences, delivering lightning-fast performance akin to native applications for users.

React.js Web Development

Leveraging React.js, our engineers create feature-rich, high-performance front-ends as integral parts of complex, comprehensive projects.

JAMstack Development

Utilizing JAMstack—a modern web development approach integrating JavaScript, APIs, and markup—we fortify database security and bolster resilience against cyber threats.


Count on SCS Solutions as your dependable ally for a spectrum of React.js development ventures. Our React.js development services offer an array of impactful features

Swift Development

React.js, known for its speed and simplicity, empowers us to accelerate project launches by reusing previously developed components, sparing developers from repetitive tasks and expediting timelines.

Enhanced Performance

Leveraging React.js features like Virtual DOM, one-way data binding, and hot load significantly amplifies rendering speeds for demanding content, simplifies dependency designation, and expedites overall development.


React's flexibility shines in its ease of scaling projects and seamless integration with third-party solutions crafted using diverse tools and languages.

Component Reusability

With React.js, component reuse isn't limited to a single project; it extends to entirely new endeavors. This empowers developers to concentrate on business logic rather than generic code creation.

Gentle Learning Curve

Proficiency in React.js is a fundamental skill for our specialists, requiring minimal specialized knowledge beyond JavaScript. Our team combines deep expertise, years of experience, selective soft skills, and comprehensive competence.

Unidirectional Data Flow

The characteristic one-way data flow in React.js enhances developer flexibility and minimizes edits during project modifications.

Swift Rendering

React.js facilitates high-speed rendering, ensuring rapid loading of time-critical content like videos, high-resolution images, and UI elements, offering instantaneous user response.

Enhanced SEO and UX

Our expertise in crafting top-tier Server-Side Rendering (SSR) and Progressive Web Applications (PWA) elevates SEO indexing and optimizes content delivery, while React.js enriches UX by ensuring high availability and low resource utilization.

Code Stability

React.js excels in creating cohesive compositions from separate code components, ensuring impeccable interoperability and high program code stability even when developed by different individuals

Development process

Product Conceptualization
We immerse ourselves in understanding client requirements, gathering both technical and non-technical inputs. This lays the groundwork for meticulously planning the project's trajectory, establishing milestones, and setting deadlines.
User-Centric Design
With a comprehensive project roadmap in hand, we craft the initial design, presenting the client with a functional prototype for their approval.
Product Architecture
Building upon the endorsed prototype, we construct the product's foundation—a robust architecture that forms the basis for subsequent React.js web app development.
Coding and Development
Leveraging the established architecture, our team commences coding and integration of backend and frontend features, crafting the business logic, and integrating other crucial elements. Each component undergoes thorough testing before finalization.
Quality Assurance
Our dedicated QA specialists meticulously test the product, ensuring alignment with industry-standard usability benchmarks. This rigorous process ensures an exceptional user experience for the final software solution.
Maintenance and Support
Post-release, we provide regular updates in response to evolving audience needs. Our commitment to perfection drives ongoing troubleshooting of technical issues post-launch, along with configuring the product for new deployment environments.

React.js: all your questions answered

If you are looking to hire React developers at reasonable costs, you should take into account their level of expertise and geography. If we are talking about specialists located in the United States, they usually have an hourly rate in the range of $60-150 per hour. As for their colleagues from CEE and Baltic regions (for example, from Ukraine), the lowest rate for a React developer usually starts at $35 per hour.

You don’t need special hosting to run your React.js solution. In general, projects based on the library boast extensive compatibility with third-party solutions. All you need is just to choose a hosting from one of the reliable providers like Firebase, Netlify, Back4App, AWS S3, etc.

React.js is a very flexible library that is compatible with most third-party integrations. In particular, React.js-based components can be used to integrate with a range of web applications. Similarly, you can embed components written with other tools in your React web application.

The main programming language for working with React is JavaScript. However, large projects may also require TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript. This language is transcompiled to JavaScript by default. Thus, we can use both languages in our React-based projects to get the best results.

We commonly use React Native to build mobile applications. The framework engages the native components of mobile platforms, allowing us to create high-performance mobile applications. Note that React Native is often used for cross-platform development due to the ability to create native-like interfaces.

The signing of a non-disclosure agreement is key to kicking off collaboration with our React.js development company. This agreement ensures the safety of your trade secrets and private information that may be stored in the database of the created solution.

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