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Streamline your supply chain by connecting trading partners, automating business processing and leveraging centralized data for faster and more confident decision-making.
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The best supply chain management software for retail growth

The digital economy and the shift to multi-channel retailing are changing how we do business and pose numerous new challenges to the supply chain network. Raising customer demands, increased costs and complex trading compliance — all call for improved speed, quality and efficiency. With cloud-based SCM software package and full-service EDI, SCS Solutions is able to deliver end-to-end visibility you need to respond faster and plan better.

One platform for everything

No more spending time on costly and inefficient supply chain point solutions. At SCS Solutions, we offer an end-to-end SCM application suite designed for businesses of all sizes and industries. Our platform delivers real-time visibility, security,  and agility you need to conquer supply chain complexity and turn it into opportunities.


SCS-E (Electronic Data Interchange)

Connect to any trading partners of your choice. Improve speed, accuracy and efficiency by automating order processing.

WMS (Warehouse management system)

Efficiently track and manage inventory transactions. Optimize receiving and shipping of orders; and in turn, aid quicker decision making

SCS-B (Transportation Brokerage)

Help you book and manage shipments with more than 40 criteria-based carriers.

TMS (Transportation Management System)

Plan, execute, and optimize the physical movement of goods. Make sure the shipment is compliant, and proper documentation is available.

SCS-S (Supplier management system)

Quickly connect and comply with trading partner's complex regulations. Automate order processing and offer real-time information that help suppliers accelerate troubleshooting problems and minimize operating cost.

SCS-P (Customer Portal)

SCS Solutions customer portal provides a comprehensive look into your business operation and hence, help you better track key metrics and optimize performance.

SCS-Y (Yard Management System)

Deliver real-time data to oversee the movement of trucks and trailers in the yard.

Whatever you do, the we've got right solution for you

With a team of highly accomplished supply chain specialists and IT engineers , we’re able to provide tailored EDI and supply chain solutions that meet your need. Let us handle the hassles and you can focus on growing your business this season.  

Gain access to a large network of trading partners with advanced EDI technology

SCS Solutions is the leading EDI service and SCM software provider. Our all-in-one solutions are trusted by more than 500 global enterprises and we constantly add new trading partners to our network. Integrate with our SCM system to automate order processing, sync tracking numbers, and speed up fulfillment process.


Integrate with the tools you already use

SCS Solutions advanced EDI service provides seamless integration with a wide range of back-office systems, ERPs and website packages.

Our team of experienced consultants will give your advice on the best practices to EDI ERP integration. And don’t worry if you can’t find your business application. We can build it for you.

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