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SCS Solutions, founded in 2019, is a global software development company with a team of over 100 IT experts. Leveraging 20+ years in software development and 30+ years in Supply Chain and Logistics, we offer tailored, innovative solutions for diverse business needs worldwide.
About us
SCS Solutions, founded in 2019, is a global software development company with a team of over 100 IT experts. Leveraging 20+ years in software development and 30+ years in Supply Chain and Logistics, we offer tailored, innovative solutions for diverse business needs worldwide.

Android - native

Java, Kotlin, MVP, MVVM, Clean Architecture, Multi-module architecture AAC (ViewModel, LiveData, Lifecycle, Navigation Component, Paging), Dagger2 + Hilt, Toothpick, Moxy, Cicerone, RxJava 2, Coroutines, Retrofit, kotlinx Serialization, ViewBinding, DataBinding, JUnit, Mockito, MockK, Robolectric, detekt, ktlint

Tailor-made. High-performance. Reliable


Crafting a standout Android app demands not only expertise but also a comprehensive understanding of the market. At SCS Solutions, we excel in elevating your Android app amidst the 2.87 million mobile solutions on the Google Play Store. Our seasoned Android developers merge profound knowledge with your distinctive concepts to create an app that truly stands out.

Customized Android App Development

We design tailored Android applications, integrating cutting-edge features, the latest technologies, and captivating designs to cater to your specific needs. Our apps empower businesses to deliver personalized user experiences, expand market reach, engage new audiences, and foster brand loyalty.

Full-Cycle App Development

From inception to deployment, our Android development team excels in handling complex projects. We meticulously navigate through discovery, prototyping, UI/UX design, backend development, Android app creation, quality assurance, release, and ongoing maintenance, ensuring a seamless development journey.

Outsourcing Android Development

Clients have three options for outsourcing Android app development: turnkey solutions from scratch, dedicated mobile development teams, or augmenting internal teams with skilled Android developers, based on project requirements.

Android Development Consulting

Leveraging our domain expertise, we provide consulting services, aiding in Android development processes, technology stack selection, and offering insights into existing or new mobile projects.

Android UI/UX Design

Our UI/UX designs are crafted to captivate users, convey brand essence, and align with business goals while incorporating the latest industry trends.

Android App Testing

Our comprehensive mobile testing includes security, performance, and compatibility tests across various devices, utilizing both manual and automated testing to ensure app quality.

Android App Deployment

We assist in deploying Android applications on Google Play and other stores, ensuring compliance with quality guidelines, integrating user analytics tools, and managing the entire deployment process.

Maintenance, Enhancement, and APIs

We offer ongoing maintenance, feature enhancements, server-side API integration, code audits, project rescue services, and expertise in native, hybrid, and cross-platform development.


Project and Task Management Apps

Tailored solutions to streamline project management, ensuring organized workflows and efficient task allocation.

Workplace and Communication Tools

Customized apps fostering seamless communication and collaboration within organizations, enhancing team productivity and connectivity.

Document Management Applications

Feature-rich apps designed to efficiently manage and organize documents, ensuring secure and accessible data storage.

IoT-based Real-Time Data Tracking

Applications leveraging IoT technology to monitor and track real-time data, enabling informed decision-making and process optimization.

Tablet Applications for Field Services

Purpose-built apps for tablets facilitating field service operations, enabling remote access to critical information and enhancing on-field efficiency.

POS and Self-Checkout Applications

Custom POS solutions and self-checkout apps to streamline customer transactions, improving shopping experiences and operational efficiency.

Inventory Tracking via Scanner Apps

Applications equipped with scanner functionality for efficient inventory management, providing accurate and real-time tracking of stock items.

Fleet Management and Location Tracking

Tailored apps for managing fleets and tracking locations, optimizing routes, and enhancing operational efficiency in logistics and transportation sectors.


Open-source Accessibility

Android's open-source Software Development Kit (SDK) empowers developers to stay abreast of the latest trends in Android mobile app development. With this openness, app refinement becomes seamless post-deployment, driven by valuable user feedback from the Google Play Store.

High Return on Investment (ROI)

Android's widespread global presence offers a lower entry barrier, translating to a substantial ROI due to its extensive market share. Opting for Android app development grants access to a broad audience while optimizing resource allocation for maximum impact.

Versatility Across Devices

Android-based solutions span smartphones, tablets, Android TV, and wearables seamlessly without the need for device-specific tailoring. Their adaptability extends to advanced technologies like IoT, AR, and VR, maintaining robust performance across a diverse range of platforms.

Accelerated Time to Market

In the race for competitive advantage, Android app development tools expedite the engineering process by swiftly integrating requested features. This agility in development allows for faster product launches, keeping businesses ahead of their competition.

Diverse Distribution Channels

Android apps can be distributed across multiple platforms, presenting brands with varied channels beyond the Google Play Store. Amazon Appstore and other marketplaces offer expanded outreach opportunities, providing flexibility in marketing strategies while minimizing competitive constraints.

Cross-platform Targeting

Android Studio and related toolkits expedite app development, enabling developers proficient in Java and Kotlin to create applications. These apps can be easily ported to various platforms such as Blackberry, Chrome OS, Windows, among others, enhancing versatility and expanding reach beyond Android devices.

Development process

Ideation and Planning
Our Android application development team meticulously examines the core project idea and client objectives. We refine the development roadmap, considering collaboration models, team composition, qualifications, and project timelines to lay a solid foundation.
Design and Development
We craft prototypes and designs that captivate users while developing the application's necessary functionality and backend elements. Our engineers establish robust connections between front-end and back-end, ensuring a comprehensive application development cycle.
Testing and Quality Assurance
SCS Solutions' Android app development services encompass rigorous testing and reviews conducted by our QA team at every phase. Automated processes ensure the creation of fault-free software that operates seamlessly.
Google Play Marketplace Deployment
Once the mobile app receives client approval, we submit it to the Google Play Market. We assist in creating a Google account, granting the client full rights to the app, including software rights. Ensuring the latest version is consistently available on the market is part of our service.
Support and Maintenance
Post-deployment, our responsibility continues. SCS Solutions offers comprehensive services covering application updates aligned with Google software updates, app scaling, and the addition of new features.


The most significant advantage of the Android platform is its global reach – 70.97% of the mobile operating systems market share. Moreover, experienced Android developers can create an app relatively fast. It means that businesses can be ahead of their competitors in delivering their ideas to the market and reap the benefits swiftly.

Signing the non-disclosure agreement is a must for us. It doesn’t only keep your idea safe but also prevents any potential risks. Our professionals work in accordance with the NDA provisions and ensure the protection of any project-related data.

At the very beginning, we create an exhaustive project plan with detailed requirements. While monitoring the development progress, we can allocate more specialists or remove some of them to cut costs without affecting the performance.

We follow this workflow when creating an Android mobile application prototype: 1. Formulate the concept and the product idea 2. Outline a must-have app functionality 3. Construct the user interface (UX) of the application 4. Turn sketches into wireframes 5. Create a digital prototype

We take full responsibility for publishing the application in the Play Store. It’s an obligatory step of the entire app development process we leverage. This includes app optimization that helps impact the ranking of your mobile solution and increase its visibility in the app store search results.

Yes, we offer our clients comprehensive post-launch support. We monitor the requirements for design changes, version updates, etc. Reach us for more specific information.

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