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SCS Solutions, founded in 2019, is a global software development company with a team of over 100 IT experts. Leveraging 20+ years in software development and 30+ years in Supply Chain and Logistics, we offer tailored, innovative solutions for diverse business needs worldwide.
About us
SCS Solutions, founded in 2019, is a global software development company with a team of over 100 IT experts. Leveraging 20+ years in software development and 30+ years in Supply Chain and Logistics, we offer tailored, innovative solutions for diverse business needs worldwide.

Front-end Developer

At SCS Solutions, we specialize in comprehensive front-end development services aimed at crafting impactful software interfaces. Backed by a team of seasoned frontend engineers, we're equipped to deliver solutions tailored to your business objectives, ensuring a powerful and engaging user experience.

Are you looking to implement the trendiest technologies in your project and use the most effective tools?

We handle that and more.

Front-end Developer services

At our core, we offer an extensive suite of front-end development services tailored to your preferences, delivered flexibly—whether through dedicated remote specialists or a comprehensive project team.

Customized Front-end Development

We eschew cookie-cutter templates, opting instead for a bespoke approach that crafts truly distinctive products. Our solutions epitomize your brand's essence through foundational design elements, offering you a competitive edge that's unique to your identity.

Modernization of Front-end Apps

In today's landscape, user interfaces quickly become outdated. Our experts at SCS Solutions ensure your front-end stays aligned with the latest trends, rejuvenating your user experience to remain at the forefront of innovation.

Front-end Development Consultation

Leveraging years of expertise, we provide invaluable guidance on technology stack choices and prioritization of UI/UX elements and phases. This consultation helps create attention-grabbing, intuitive, and accessible interfaces.

Augmentation of Front-end Teams

Efficiently expand your existing teams with skilled professionals through our staff augmentation services. This cost-effective solution accelerates time-to-market, minimizes project downtime, and ensures timely product launches.

End-to-End Full-stack Development

As a full-stack software development provider, we transcend front-end implementation to conceptualize, develop, and introduce pioneering products to the market. Post-launch, we continue to support, maintain, and optimize the solution.

Customizing CMS Systems

Enhancing system stability involves revamping CMS front-ends, expanding integrations, and accentuating business attributes in the interface. This process optimizes the system per your unique technical and business requirements.

Solutions we deliver

Web Applications
Enhance product accessibility by transforming it into a user-friendly web application. This enables your target audience to access necessary functionality without the hassle of downloading and installing executable files.
Single Page Applications (SPA)
Craft impeccable business, project, or startup landing pages by implementing comprehensive website functionality within a single page. This maximizes ease of access and navigation.
Progressive Web Applications (PWA)
Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we deliver versatile web solutions that match the speed and smoothness of desktop applications. Accessible across various browsers, PWAs provide a seamless user experience.
Cross-platform Applications
Leveraging React Native, Flutter, and Ionic, we develop high-performance apps compatible across multiple platforms and operating systems, broadening your reach effectively.
Mobile App Interfaces
Our responsive mobile interfaces complement your sales strategy, offering custom UI designs that seamlessly deliver services or products across various platforms with consistent performance.
Desktop App Interfaces
Create purpose-specific applications, utilities, or enterprise systems that integrate seamlessly with your business hardware, ensuring maximum performance and adaptability.
Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI)
Optimize business processes with tailored HMIs, simplifying tasks for your tech specialists, saving time, and enhancing process intuitiveness.
eCommerce Platforms
We specialize in crafting user-centric eCommerce platforms that intuitively guide users through the purchasing process, fostering conversions through exceptional service quality and audience satisfaction.

Angular software development: all your questions answered

How do you ensure the quality of our Angular project?

Angular offers market-leading software development powers, especially when it comes to progressive web solutions, enterprise products, and cross-platform products. We guarantee high-quality Angular-based solutions due to the available in-house pool of experienced professionals.

What is Angular good for?

Angular is commonly best used for complex high-performance digital solutions, such as enterprise systems, PWAs, SPAs, and native-like cross-platform solutions.

How much time will you take to develop my Angular web application?

The Angular software development cycle may stretch from two weeks to a couple of months depending on the scope, complexity, and ultimate purpose of the project.

What popular apps are built with Angular framework?

Netflix, HBO, Nike, Forbes, SONY, PayPal, UpWork, and even Gmail, as well as many other brand giants, have Angular at their core.

What kind of applications can you build using Angular?

We use Angular to build everything from user-friendly mobile apps, separate animated UI components, and single-page applications to accessible web solutions for enterprises, progressive web apps, and native-like cross-platform solutions.

Full-Stack Capabilities

As a full-stack software development provider, SCS Solutions doesn’t just stop at front-end implementation; they offer end-to-end services from design and development to post-release support and optimization.

Client-Centric Approach

The team prioritizes understanding client needs, ensuring that the delivered solutions not only meet technical requirements but also resonate with the end-user, resulting in enhanced user experience and satisfaction.

Adherence to Industry Standards

Regular operation in the field enables SCS Solutions to guarantee compliance with industry standards, ensuring efficient targeting of end-user needs and expectations.

Vue.js: all your questions answered

What is Vue.js technology?
Vue.js framework is a progressive tool for developing user interfaces and single-page web applications in JavaScript. It solves the tasks of the presentation layer (view) and simplifies the work with libraries. This framework can be implemented incrementally, which makes it different from other frameworks.
What is Vue.js good for?
The tool is flexible enough to make a sturdy foundation for the user-side part in mobile solutions, SPAs, and PWAs. Also, if there’s a need to update the legacy system, you can choose Vue.js for fast and simple migration.
Can I develop an MVP quickly with Vue.js?
Laravel and Vue.js full-stack web development is a great way to create projects with basic functionality in a matter of weeks. In particular, the combination of Laravel/Vue.js, MongoDB, and Express.js makes the process of developing web and mobile applications extremely simple and fast.
Can I build a static page and add some extra features later on?
Vue.js is great for developing both dynamic and static pages. If necessary, it allows further changes to the static web content with minimal edits and time costs. If you plan on regularly updating the static website, it is better to use this framework for the front-end.
How can I build a single-page application that's also SEO-friendly?
Properly built applications are initially optimized for SEO, as elements that ensure a good ranking in the Google search engine can be present throughout basic architectures. All you need is a carefully selected SEO specialist that would contribute to your project. You can build your own SPA development environment with Vue.js.

What is JavaScript mainly used for?

JavaScript is primarily used for web development. With its help, software engineers can capture users with interactive web pages or applications displaying near-native performance and functionality.

What are the most popular JavaScript frameworks?

The most popular JavaScript frameworks are: - Angular - React - Vue.js - Ember.js - Meteor - Mithril - Node.js - Polymer - Aurelia - Backbone.js

What are the benefits of outsourcing JavaScript development?

When inviting a team to maintain a JavaScript project, you can benefit from their high level of expertise in the field. Moreover, this frees up the resources of your departments to focus on the essential business objectives instead of searching for JavaScript developers to augment your team.

How long does it take to build a JavaScript web app?

Time frame estimations depend on the complexity of the solution, team size, team skill level, and a range of other variables. A simple single-page web application MVP development can take a few weeks while creating a large platform with distributed architecture can take several months.

How to hire JavaScript developers?

If you want to hire expert JavaScript developers and get the software solution serving your needs ideally, contact us — we’re always open to new challenges.

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