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SCS Solutions, founded in 2019, is a global software development company with a team of over 100 IT experts. Leveraging 20+ years in software development and 30+ years in Supply Chain and Logistics, we offer tailored, innovative solutions for diverse business needs worldwide.
About us
SCS Solutions, founded in 2019, is a global software development company with a team of over 100 IT experts. Leveraging 20+ years in software development and 30+ years in Supply Chain and Logistics, we offer tailored, innovative solutions for diverse business needs worldwide.


SCS Solutions has been dedicated to crafting custom software solutions designed to enhance productivity in the manufacturing industry. Our extensive experience in custom software development services allows us to create tailored applications that effectively align businesses' objectives with tangible outcomes. From overseeing critical operations like material supply control, technological process management, to quality control, our specialized CRM & ERP systems are adept at propelling startups into flourishing SMEs. Simultaneously, these solutions empower larger enterprises to maintain their competitive edge by optimizing processes and driving revenue growth. Partner with us to unlock your manufacturing potential.

Embrace innovations in your production lines. Grab an opportunity to establish highly effective solutions that foster manufacturing.

Manufacturing software development services

Tailored Manufacturing Software Development

Our committed teams specialize in crafting customized solutions that align with our clients' specific needs, enhancing process visibility through a unified system.

Seamless Cloud Migration for Manufacturing Software

SCS Solutions excels in developing cost-effective migration strategies, ensuring the smooth transition of all corporate assets and sensitive data.

Streamlined Third-Party Integration

Our API integrations maintain stable communication between various functional modules and ensure seamless compatibility with third-party platforms and services.

Ongoing Software Support

Across all stages of the Software Development Life Cycle, we maintain continuous communication with our clients, ensuring trouble-free performance and delivering post-launch support and maintenance.

Modernization of Legacy Software

Our seasoned engineers specialize in upgrading outdated software and transforming the digital environment with modern, customized manufacturing application software.

Dedicated Development Teams

Collaborate with dedicated development teams under your supervision and receive regular project progress updates when partnering with our company.

Custom manufacturing software solutions we develop

Manufacturing execution systems software (MES)
To monitor, track, document, and control the manufacturing process, we take full advantage of MES/MOM software development that brings more precision and predictability, increases uptime, and reduces operational costs.
Manufacturing resource planning software (MRP)
With this system, we consolidate and unify all aspects of resource planning into a single digital environment. MRP software development implies inventory management, procurements, CRM, and other resource planning procedures.
Manufacturing workflow automation
As smart technologies constantly emerge, we leverage advanced tools to ensure complete automation that complies with production tech standards and allows operators to intervene in the manufacturing process only when necessary.
Enterprise resource planning systems (ERP)
With custom ERP software development, SCS Solutions helps businesses manage their day-to-day operational activities and consolidate resource planning, inventory, sales, marketing, distribution, finance, accounting, and others.
Enterprise asset management (EAM)
Our company launches solutions that aid businesses in managing their corporate assets throughout the entire lifecycle - from initial procurement and installation to permanent monitoring and maintenance.
Production planning software
We help companies of all sizes take full advantage of precise and timely planning. Our skilled engineers master production scheduling software that evaluates incoming data to satisfy market needs and meet demand forecasts.
Equipment maintenance software
By automating operational workflows, our developers provide customers with digital tools that track breakdowns, analyze their causes, reduce equipment downtime, and ensure instant repairs.
Quality management software (QMS)
As customers expect unmatched quality, SCS Solutions develops solutions that help implement quality specifications and standards following industry regulations and international practices.
Inventory management software
Our top-tier specialists build inventory and warehouse management software to ensure stable supply chain planning, track stock levels, and evaluate orders, sales and deliveries, allowing for a smooth manufacturing process with no downtime.
Project management software
As an experienced IT services provider, SCS Solutions focuses on project management software development that helps monitor, supervise and control project tasks, hit deadlines, and stay within budget.
Workforce management software
Our dedicated teams forge custom employee tracking apps that allow managers to foster effective employee work, including labor requirements, personal schedules, overtime, sick days, and paid time offs.
BI and performance management
We integrate BI and performance management solutions to ensure the client’s business attains strategic objectives through key performance indicators like revenue, ROI, and operational costs.
Environment, health and safety management systems (EHS)
Through the use of EHS software, SCS Solutions aims to create a safe and healthy work environment free of injuries, with reduced risks of chemical, biological, and other hazards.

Our web development tech stack

Ruby on rail
Ruby on rail
React Native
React Native
Android - native
Android - native
IOS - native
IOS - native

Our development process

Upon project assignment, SCS Solutions meticulously follows the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), which encompasses the following steps

Requirement Elicitation
Our business analysts work diligently to gather product requirements, assess the project's scope, and establish final costs.
Contract Negotiation
We engage in in-depth discussions to finalize contract terms, including deadlines, responsibilities, and other essential working procedures.
Design and Prototyping
Our expert teams design the product and define core functionalities in alignment with the elaborated requirements.
Architecture Building
Throughout the development process, we establish milestones for each iteration, providing estimates for intermediate progress.
Solution Deployment
SCS Solutions' DevOps engineers ensure seamless continuous integration and delivery.
Maintenance and Support
Finally, our dedicated teams carry out post-launch maintenance and support, delivering regular updates and addressing any identified issues.

Extensive Talent Pool

Our vast talent pool comprises skilled professionals adept at developing diverse solutions across various industries, ensuring top-notch deliverables tailored to specific client needs.

Long-term Collaborations

We prioritize nurturing enduring relationships with our clients, fostering partnerships that extend beyond individual projects, ensuring continuous support and growth together.

Effective Project Management

With a commitment to efficient project management methodologies, we ensure seamless execution, timely delivery, and adherence to quality standards throughout the project lifecycle.

Credibility and Trust

Our track record speaks volumes about our credibility and trustworthiness. Over 10+ countries worldwide, our clients trust us to deliver robust, reliable, and scalable solutions that meet and exceed expectations.

Ongoing Client Feedback

We value client feedback as a cornerstone of improvement. Constant engagement and open communication channels allow us to adapt, refine, and enhance our services based on client input.

Cultural Proximity and Understanding

With a global footprint, we emphasize cultural understanding and proximity. This allows us to tailor our services to align with diverse cultural contexts, fostering stronger collaborations and better outcomes.

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