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SCS Solutions, founded in 2019, is a global software development company with a team of over 100 IT experts. Leveraging 20+ years in software development and 30+ years in Supply Chain and Logistics, we offer tailored, innovative solutions for diverse business needs worldwide.
About us
SCS Solutions, founded in 2019, is a global software development company with a team of over 100 IT experts. Leveraging 20+ years in software development and 30+ years in Supply Chain and Logistics, we offer tailored, innovative solutions for diverse business needs worldwide.

Asset Management System (ASM)

In an era where efficiency drives success, SCS Solutions emerges as a leader in the development of Assets Management Systems (AMS). Leveraging over two decades of software development expertise and three decades specializing in logistics and supply chain management, we present a robust and comprehensive AMS tailored to revolutionize businesses across various industries. At SCS Solutions, our Assets Management System is a cutting-edge software designed to streamline and optimize the management of assets throughout their lifecycle. From acquisition and utilization to maintenance and disposal, our AMS ensures a holistic approach to asset management.

Our comprehensive suite of features ensures unparalleled asset visibility, streamlined operations, and maximized efficiency across your business spectrum

Key features

Experience the depth and precision of asset management with SCS Solutions' Asset Management System. Our comprehensive suite of features ensures unparalleled asset visibility, streamlined operations, and maximized efficiency across your business spectrum.

Comprehensive Asset Tracking

Our Asset Management System (AMS) ensures a comprehensive approach to tracking assets. Leveraging advanced technologies such as RFID and QR codes, it enables precise identification and monitoring of assets across various locations, providing unparalleled visibility and control.

Tracking Assets Using RFID and QR Codes

Utilizing cutting-edge RFID and QR code technologies, our AMS allows for seamless asset identification and tracking. RFID tags and QR codes enable swift and accurate asset recognition, simplifying asset monitoring and management.

Real-Time Asset Tracking

Experience real-time asset tracking capabilities with our AMS. Monitor asset movements and status updates instantly, ensuring up-to-the-minute visibility into asset location, usage, and condition.

Lifecycle Management

Our AMS facilitates efficient lifecycle management, encompassing the entire asset journey from acquisition to disposal. Track asset usage, manage warranties, and optimize asset utilization throughout their lifecycle.

Warehouse Management

The AMS extends its capabilities to warehouse management, offering precise control over inventory and asset storage. Streamline warehouse operations, optimize inventory levels, and enhance logistical efficiency.

Liquidation and Depreciation Tracking

Effortlessly manage asset depreciation and track their end-of-life processes with our AMS. Track asset value depreciation over time and manage asset disposal or liquidation efficiently.

Maintenance Scheduling

Automate maintenance schedules to ensure assets are serviced promptly and efficiently. Preventive maintenance scheduling helps in reducing downtime and maximizing asset performance.

Custom Reporting Capabilities

Tailor-made reporting functionalities empower users to generate customized reports according to specific business needs. Gain insights into asset performance, maintenance history, and compliance through intuitive and customizable reports.

Integration Capabilities

Our AMS is designed for seamless integration with existing systems and software. Integrate effortlessly with ERP systems, accounting software, or other business management tools to ensure cohesive operations and data synchronization.


Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Our AMS optimizes inventory and equipment tracking, ensuring streamlined logistics and supply chain operations. Gain real-time visibility into inventory levels, streamline warehousing processes, and enhance order fulfillment for efficient logistics management.
Manufacturing Industry
Efficiently manage machinery, tools, and equipment with our AMS to bolster production. Streamline maintenance schedules, monitor equipment health, and optimize asset utilization to maximize manufacturing output and minimize downtime.
Healthcare Sector
In the healthcare industry, track medical equipment and facility assets seamlessly. Ensure smooth healthcare operations by monitoring critical medical equipment, managing maintenance schedules, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, thereby improving patient care.
Construction Sector
Our AMS helps manage heavy equipment and tools in the construction industry, ensuring project efficiency and cost control. Track equipment usage, schedule maintenance, and manage tool inventory to streamline construction processes, optimize resource allocation, and reduce project delays.
Retail Operations
Monitor inventory, shelves, and store assets for improved retail operations. With our AMS, ensure precise inventory tracking, manage stock levels, and optimize shelf space to enhance customer experience, reduce stockouts, and increase sales efficiency.


By implementing SCS Solutions' Assets Management System, businesses can streamline operations, optimize asset utilization, reduce costs, and enhance security, ultimately fostering improved efficiency and driving sustainable growth.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Implementing our AMS significantly boosts operational efficiency. Streamline asset tracking through RFID and QR codes, reducing manual errors and optimizing asset utilization. Real-time tracking ensures assets are where they need to be, when they need to be there, maximizing productivity.

Reduced Asset Loss and Improved Security

By utilizing advanced tracking technologies like RFID and QR codes, our AMS minimizes the risk of asset loss or theft. Real-time monitoring and precise asset identification enhance security measures, safeguarding valuable assets.

Optimized Asset Lifecycle Management

Efficiently manage assets throughout their lifecycle. From procurement to liquidation, track depreciation, schedule maintenance, and monitor the complete lifecycle of each asset. This optimization ensures assets are utilized to their fullest potential, reducing unnecessary costs.

Streamlined Warehouse Management

Our AMS extends its functionality to warehouse management, ensuring better inventory control and streamlined logistics. Accurate tracking and efficient warehouse operations result in reduced stockouts, minimized excess inventory, and improved order fulfillment.

Compliance and Audit Trail

Maintain compliance effortlessly. Our AMS provides a comprehensive audit trail, ensuring regulatory compliance and simplifying audits. Track asset history, maintenance records, and ensure adherence to industry standards and regulations.

Cost Savings and Resource Allocation

Efficient asset management leads to substantial cost savings. Identify underutilized assets, optimize maintenance schedules, and eliminate unnecessary purchases through precise tracking and lifecycle management. This enables better resource allocation and cost control.

Improved Decision-making through Data Insights

Access real-time data and generate custom reports to gain valuable insights into asset performance and usage patterns. Informed decision-making based on detailed analytics helps in strategizing for asset optimization and future investment.

Seamless Integration and Scalability

Our AMS seamlessly integrates with existing systems and grows with your business. Scalability ensures that as your business expands, the AMS remains adaptable, accommodating new assets and evolving operational needs.

Enhanced Customer Service and Internal Processes

Efficient asset management translates into improved customer service. Ensure that the right assets are available when needed, optimizing service delivery. Internally, streamlined asset processes lead to improved workflows, reducing delays and errors.

Development process

Gathering requirements
Our BA collects all functional requirements to estimate project cost and scope of work.
Contract negotiation
We choose together the best-fit cooperation and pricing models, define key releases and the working process.
Architecture building
Our professionals offer solution architecture to provide the full vision of custom software capabilities.
UI/UX design
UI/UX designers ideate the usability and user interface of the custom solution.
Iteration planning
We define the objectives, tasks, and deadlines for each iteration.
Requirements analysis
Our team produces detailed requirements for specific project stages or product features.
Contract negotiation
We choose together the best-fit cooperation and pricing models, define key releases and the working process.
Software developers perform the process of coding and continuously improve it.
Unit testing
Developers test individual units of the source code for proper and efficient operation.
Quality assurance
QA engineers test the custom product for bugs, verify functionality and security.
Software deployment
In-house DevOps experts cover the application deployment process to launch custom software.
Maintenance and support
We take care of the system maintenance and monitor the performance and project current capacity.

Proven Expertise in Software Development and Logistics Management

Benefit from our extensive industry experience spanning decades. Our combined expertise in software development and logistics management ensures the delivery of reliable and effective AMS solutions tailored to industry-specific needs. We understand the nuances of asset management across diverse sectors and leverage this expertise to offer robust solutions.

Tailored Solutions Aligned with Unique Business Requirements

At SCS Solutions, we don't offer one-size-fits-all solutions. Our AMS is customized to align precisely with your business's unique requirements. We conduct in-depth consultations to understand your specific challenges, workflows, and objectives, crafting an AMS that seamlessly integrates into your operations, ensuring maximum efficiency and addressing your pain points.

Comprehensive Post-Implementation Support and Updates

Our commitment to your success doesn’t end with implementation. We provide robust post-implementation support, ensuring smooth operations and minimal downtime. From system updates to addressing any issues or modifications required, our dedicated support team remains available to ensure uninterrupted AMS functionality and adaptability to changing business needs.

Innovation Driving Cutting-Edge Asset Management Solutions

Embrace an innovative approach to asset management with SCS Solutions. We continuously innovate and evolve our AMS to incorporate the latest technological advancements. Our dedication to staying at the forefront of technological innovation ensures that your AMS remains updated, equipped with state-of-the-art features, and aligned with industry best practices.

Client-Centric Solutions Focused on Long-Term Success

Our focus is on your long-term success. We prioritize building lasting relationships with our clients by delivering not just a product but a solution that evolves and grows with your business. The aim is to empower your organization with tools that optimize asset management, drive efficiency, and contribute to sustained growth and success.

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