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Do you often face these challenges


Want to expand your business but keep losing potential customer because you’re not EDI-capable?

Storage fees soar up due to constant inventory excess or losing deals because you don’t have enough stocks?

Bad inventory and sale forecast caused by outdated data and inaccurate reports?

Nowadays, more and more retailers expect their partners, suppliers, and vendors to provide EDI capabilities for good reasons. Failing to meet these requirements might result in not only losing business opportunities but also affect your long-term growth. With SCS solutions advanced software, you can enjoy the benefits of EDI with the advantages of complete visibility on supply chain operation offered via our SCM solution.

Main Features

SCS-E (Electronic Data Interchange)

Connect to any trading partners of your choice. Improve speed, accuracy and efficiency by automating order processing.

SCS-S (Supplier management system)

Quickly connect and comply with trading partner's complex regulations. Automate order processing and offer real-time information that help suppliers accelerate troubleshooting problems and minimize operating cost.

We understand your business

By leveraging innovative technologies and deep business expertise, we provide custom-made solution for vendors to drive business growth.

Gain better visibility
The ability to efficiently monitor supply chain is crucial to any vendor business. Our solution not only provides a comprehensive view into transactions, logistics but also automates inventory inquiry to keep you and trading partners update on products availability.
Easy EDI Compliance
Stop losing sleep over EDI compliance. We offer unlimited opportunities to connect with any trading partners. We have a team of EDI experts ready to consult, advise and even do the legwork for you to make sure you can have smooth communication with your partners.
Transactions using mail, fax, or paper can cost up to $38 and more if errors happened. By switching to EDI, you can reduce up to 70% of the cost of data transfer. Direct computer-to-computer transactions also help to mitigate risks associated with manual entry.
Faster and more secure data processing
We implement EDI in data exchange for faster and more secure billing and documentation. This also eliminates manual entry, which significantly improve data quality and prevent blockage in the business cycle.
Better inventory forecast
When your data are accurate, up-to-date and well-organized, you can make better business decisions and respond to unexpected market changes faster.
We are the leading company in providing cloud-based SCM Solutions And EDI technology With a network of +500 Trading Partners


Depending on industries and trading partner specifications, EDI transactions can greatly vary. With supply chain EDI, you can easily process and manage all of your EDI transactions from one easy-to-use portal.

Check out some of the most common EDI transactions for Amazon:

• EDI 850 Purchase Order 

• EDI 856 Advance Shipment Notice 

• EDI 846 Inventory Inquiry

• EDI 810 Invoice

• EDI 754 Request for Routing Instruction



Integrate with the tools you already use

SCS Solutions advanced EDI service provides seamless integration with a wide range of back-office systems, ERPs and website packages.

Our team of experienced consultants will give your advice on the best practices to EDI ERP integration. And don’t worry if you can’t find your business application. We can build it for you.

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