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The growth of the Internet and the dramatic shift to online purchase has conditioned customer to expect immediate responses and rapid product shipment. More than ever before, speed has become the primary source for competitive advantages.

EDI integrated supply chain solutions can forever change the way your business operates and accelerate your product cycle. With advanced fulfillment technology, our full-package solution has the power to significantly transform and streamline vital processes in your supply chain. Information processing will be automated, which results in lower costs and reduce human factors. Instead of taking days, purchasing orders or shipping notices can be transmitted in an instant, enabling same-day delivery and raise your customer satisfaction.

TMS (Transportation Management System)

Plan, execute, and optimize the physical movement of goods. Make sure the shipment is compliant, and proper documentation is available.

SCS-E (Electronic Data Interchange)

Connect to any trading partners of your choice. Improve speed, accuracy and efficiency by automating order processing.

Implement our integrated solution to optimize your transportation in 5 ways

Better visibility into shipment status
All on-going transportation activities can be tracked and monitored in real-time, avoiding delayed shipment and costly demurrage charges. Notification is sent out whenever a shipment gets delayed and ETA is automatically updated.
Easy integration with other system
Support EDI integration with a variety of internal applications and ERP systems. Implementing EDI and ERP together can reduce manual mistakes, and help you better control data flow.
Better connect with trading partner
Legacy EDI often takes weeks to onboard new trading partners. Our modern approach enables quick and smooth connection with trading partners who require EDI based supply chain in 3-5 days.
Enhance efficiency
Lower cost, better data quality and near- instant order processing lead to great improvement in supply chain management and in turn, aid better decision making.
Eliminate blockage
Having the ability to quickly respond to unexpected changes in market and customer demands is vital in business. We facilitate easy EDI-enabling and ensure your compliance with complex requirements from trading partners, preventing future complications.
We are the leading company in providing cloud-based SCM Solutions And EDI technology With a network of +500 Trading Partners


Depending on industries and trading partner specifications, EDI transactions can greatly vary. With supply chain EDI, you can easily process and manage all of your EDI transactions from one easy-to-use portal.

Check out some of the most common EDI transactions for Amazon:


• EDI 850 Purchase Order 

• EDI 856 Advance Shipment Notice 

• EDI 846 Inventory Inquiry

• EDI 810 Invoice

• EDI 754 Request for Routing Instruction


Integrate with the tools you already use

SCS Solutions advanced EDI service provides seamless integration with a wide range of back-office systems, ERPs and website packages.

Our team of experienced consultants will give your advice on the best practices to EDI ERP integration. And don’t worry if you can’t find your business application. We can build it for you.

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