Seamless EDI integration for better workflow with Quickbooks Online

Conduct “smarter” business by integrating EDI with your back-end system. Ensure smooth and frictionless flow of data to make better business decision and earn greater return

Bookkeeping can never be easier

When you’re processing hundreds of transaction monthly, manual entry of order details can become a time and labor-intensive, which make room for costly errors. SCS Solutions deliver seamless EDI integration with your Quickbook system. Once integrated, order and invoice information is automatically synced up across platforms, allowing quicker response time, improved accuracy, and overall smarter data management.

Depending on industries and trading partner specifications, EDI transactions can greatly vary. With supply chain EDI, you can easily process and manage all of your EDI transactions from one easy-to-use portal. Some of the most common EDI transactions for Quickbook include EDI 850 (Purchase Order) , EDI 856 (Advance Shipment Notice) , EDI 846 (Inventory Inquiry), EDI 810 (Invoice), EDI 754 (Request for Routing Instruction).


Seamless connection to a large network of trading
partners including supplier, warehouse operator,
distributor, and logistic companies.

✬ Allow data to automatically flow between platforms

✬ Eliminate redundant manual data entry and minimize
costly errors.

✬ Generate packing slip, product, and shipping labels
with ease

✬ Simplify order processing and invoice generating

Gain access to a large network of trading partners with advanced EDI technology

SCS Solutions is the leading EDI service and SCM software provider. Our all-in-one solutions are trusted by more than 500 global enterprises and we constantly add new trading partners to our network. Integrate with our SCM system to automate order processing, sync tracking numbers, and speed up fulfillment process.


Integrate with the tools you already use

SCS Solutions advanced EDI service provides seamless integration with a wide range of back-office systems, ERPs and website packages.

Our team of experienced consultants will give your advice on the best practices to EDI ERP integration. And don’t worry if you can’t find your business application. We can build it for you.

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