Customer Portal
A powerful tool to in-depth understanding of supply chain operation
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In today’s connected-economy, customer portal has become more than a “nice-to-have” feature. SCS Solution insightful customer portal provides you with in-depth analysis of logistics and warehouse performance. You can easily track key metrics, support requests, detect inefficiencies, and make more informed supply chain decisions.


Executive Dashboard

This dashboard is a visual display of organizational KPIs, metrics, and data in interactive chart form. It provides valuable insight into the health of your supply chain operation, which helps you make a better decision.

Analytical Reports:

This function offers analytical reports generated using descriptive, predictive, prescriptive, and cognitive analytics. These analytics can help you understand your supply chain better and make informed forecasts on sales.

Customer Dashboard

Provide a quick overview of your operational activities every month and year to date (YTD). You can customize the displayed data in this dashboard with available filtering options like time or transaction type.


Provide summaries on warehouse activities such as Inventory balance, receiving, shipping, return, and appointments. Combined with other features in Customer Portal, you have the visibility you need to evaluate your strategic goals and inventory targets.


Automatically sync with other systems and organize invoices from past and on-going transactions in a way you can easily review your weekly and monthly expenses.


Provide multiples reports on client's monthly trading activities with different partners. All reports can be further filtered by trading partners, time, document type and are available for exporting in PDF or Excel file.

Why choose us

High quality at affordable price

At SCS Solution, quality is guaranteed. Our teams consist of highly-skilled professionals in supply chain management. By leveraging offshore resources, we're able to provide you top-notch quality at a fair and competitive price

24/7 Support

We offer much more than just IT support. Our staffs are highly trained in supply chain and business management so you can expect full-service support from IT infrastructure maintenance to project support, features customization or data backup. Don't hesitate to get in touch whenever you have any question.


We understand that switching to a new service can be costly and time-consuming. That's why our robust system is designed highly scalable with easy customer onboarding.

Personalized experience

We believe in a personal touch, and in involving the client as much as possible in the process. This often means working closely with them on every step of the way to better listen and fulfill what our clients need.

Easy to use

No EDI training or technical skill needed. Our support team will provide you with all you need to master the system in no time.

Renewable FREE trial

Keen to try out SCS Solution application suite for FREE? We offer renewable 30-days trial. You won't not be charged any setting up or EDI transaction fee. Once the 30-day period ends, you can restart your trial and get another 30-day usage for free.

Gain access to a large network of trading partners with advanced EDI technology

SCS Solutions is the leading EDI service and SCM software provider. Our all-in-one solutions are trusted by more than 500 global enterprises and we constantly add new trading partners to our network. Integrate with our SCM system to automate order processing, sync tracking numbers, and speed up fulfillment process.


Integrate with the tools you already use

SCS Solutions advanced EDI service provides seamless integration with a wide range of back-office systems, ERPs and website packages.

Our team of experienced consultants will give your advice on the best practices to EDI ERP integration. And don’t worry if you can’t find your business application. We can build it for you.

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